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DCS5 Boards

The DCS5 boards are the 5th generation of measurement boards; a culmination of 8 years of refinements. The DCS5 is highly configurable: pick the controller and the sensor length that meet your needs and we’ll build you a system. We can even supply a custom graphic to match your data-taking processes. Use your own software or our amazing Android application called DCSLinkstream (see below).

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DCS5 Micro

The DCS5 Micro Controller offers a full-color, super-bright LED “status ring”, for high-visibility user-feedback. Field-swappable battery packs snap into the measure deck and provide up to 10 hours between charges.


The DCS5 XT Controller offers a keypad for fast data-entry and hot-key assignments. The keys are backlit for night work and offers inexpensive options for a built-in PIT reader and speaker for audio cues. A super-bright LED strips offers excellent, high-visibility feedback during use.

DCS5 Sensor Decks

The DCS5 Sensor Decks house and protect your sensor and are matched to the sensor length you choose. Choose from 20cm to 2.5m. Easily attach tablet holders, handles, cup holders, flag mounts and other accessories to the deck, inexpensively.



DCSLinkStream is our amazing Data Collection software.  DCSLinkStream connects to all of your peripherals, like our DCS fish-boards, calipers, weight-scales, PIT tag readers and label printers to speedily collect all your data.  Whether you’re measuring fish, turtles or trees, DCSLinkStream provides a fast and repeatable method.  DCSLinkStream runs on a wide variety of Android-powered tablets.


DCSUnity is a web application which works with DCSLinkStream, to bring all of your data from your tablet to your web account, in real-time.    Unity is your online data organizer for all your Field Data.  Share data with colleagues and generate reports without ever downloading a CSV file.

About Big Fin Scientific

Our mission:  Drastically lower the costs of collecting Animal and Field Data.

Big Fin Scientific is passionate about lowering costs of ecosystem assessment. Our software and systems are used by Fishery Managers, Fish Scientists and Field and Animal Researchers of all types to assess the health of animal populations and ecosystems rapidly and inexpensively. Our ultimate goal: help Humans make smarter decisions regarding our impact and use of the Environment.

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